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Learning a language,
my translation sucks
changing Dine’ to people
when it means other words

typical white finding hard meanings
to soft maleable nouny words.

How dare I take a language
sweet in syndrone and heart
and drag it into a hard field
where I plant my trees-
It won’t grow – really
I can bid it,
I can break out the vowels
into parts
and classes-
it won’t fit.
and I’m an idiot to try.


Hey folks,
I apologize for being absent. I’ve been working on a novel and it’s taking alot of time. Please don’t give up on me. I’ll post some new poetry very soon.


Hey Guys, I was wondering if anyone could offer a reference to a list of strong verbs for writing. I found some on the web and some general guidelines – However, if there is a book, that would be helpful.


Hey, the new Book “Where the Fence Line runs” is out and available on It’s available as soft cover and e-book (For Kindle!) Check it out!!!!


I should know better,
than to play at the piranha pool-
placing my hand in,
offering kindness
only to find the teeth
are still there.

How stupid I am,
why would I expect different?

Why would I expect age
to bring kindness or concern-
any break from norm.

I’d hoped that age would filter
(I really did!)
anger, malice would sink
to clear waters.

How stupid I am.
to expect that turbulence
wouldn’t keep it mixed.

4 Jan 09

Toshi Kurete,

Counting the hours till the new year

remembering the tough times.


Dave Barber

11 December 2008