nature greets us the same way,
those barren branches
some call ugly
because they’re empty
just a sleeping skeleton
waiting to wake
like some halloween trick,
a joke to some,

their veins waiting,
a new stain turned over
and over in the frozen

Up in the air,
the crystal blue
has yellows, pink and purples
finishing the days
testing our pallets
as if to say
take that! Draw that!

It’s simple, feathery detail
a nouny sense of life at rest
in the foreground,
sepia stems swaying
in the background
black stones.

It adds up to life fabric
taking rest.


The earth

in a state of contraction

drawing in

a breath,

or heart

toward a different place,


Curling up

and warming

hibernation in it’s form,

storing and thinking

resting at last,


Where is it going?



12 Oct 08