Hang on to your hats. It appears the way of the desktop PC is going the way of 5.25 floppy drives and tape backups. The latest from eWeek is that new OS is headed toward hand-held, phone size mobile systems with voice preferred options. Everything will be Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) and new program such as Adobe AIR will be used. Goodbye Microsoft. Now strange in the wake of these changes, MS is marketing new T-shirts that say “I love DOS.” This seems really strange to me. What happened to Vista? Dare I say? It’s dead. Memory for systems is dropping in price. It won’t be long that we’ll buy Terabyte memory for $99.00. The palm computer/phone/browser… isn’t far from replacing what we’ve known for a long time.

Kinda sad to see this go this way. I’m feeling the same way when my tape-drives weren’t needed to upload files with ¬†Ohio osi-c4pScientific Computer (became Commodore Computers!) and the first hard drives were table-top size! It was fun to program the computer by moving wires. (Am I showing my age with computer systems yet?) I subscribed to the top-of-the-line magazine called the Aardvark. It contained the neatest and greatest. Everything was basic (at the time) and I remember the excitement of buying two chips and having a searing 4K of memory! Then, I bought a trip 5 (555 timer chip) and I could actually have beep sounds when I ran my programs.

Well, I can’t wait to see what else can happen. I’m looking forward to my own Personal Access Device (PAD) like on Star Trek Next Generation!