As I sat for a trim,
I made excuses why an old guy
would change his gray hair
“A splendor of age”
When it’s a young man’s game
why my memory fails me
and I start into a room
and return empty
why I talk of decades
that grade or last,
70’s or 80’s.

But she smiled at me
and I knew what that meant
to a tweeny-
that I was fooling myself
(We’re on opposite sides of the curve)
and I know where down is.

4 Jan 09


Terrorist or redeemer
defender, saint, sinner.

How they can be all these,
showering missiles
raining death,
like a miserable rain-

I don’t know.

Which photos lie?

Muslim called victims
but making victims?
where we draw the line
is a line in rising tide.

Long time enemies-

at some point, 

I can’t tell them apart-
it doesn’t matter.


31 Dec 08

nature greets us the same way,
those barren branches
some call ugly
because they’re empty
just a sleeping skeleton
waiting to wake
like some halloween trick,
a joke to some,

their veins waiting,
a new stain turned over
and over in the frozen

Up in the air,
the crystal blue
has yellows, pink and purples
finishing the days
testing our pallets
as if to say
take that! Draw that!

It’s simple, feathery detail
a nouny sense of life at rest
in the foreground,
sepia stems swaying
in the background
black stones.

It adds up to life fabric
taking rest.

It’s a dead time-
July 1978,
I’m sitting, drinking
remember Mogan David Wine?
Yeah, I drank it
thinking 19 was the end-
last chance to play-
and with whom?

I was alone all day
like the dorm halls-
mountains stared at me.
across sepia hills.

If loneliness had a name
I knew it then.

It was drinking
to an empty birthday.


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Your scribbled notes

illegible numbers.


My notes,

penned in cursive

cursive love,

on glass.



retained in place


Scattered around



they spell marriage