There is no doubt poets out there.  Staying just out of reach.  If you glance just right, you might see one.  Staying out of the light.  Just beyond our comprehension.  I want to believe that they are there.  I value your belief that poets can be found.  I believe they are there!


Dave Barber

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Wow!!! Over 3300 visits!!!! I’m excited to see the interest in this photography and interest in poetry!!! Thank you so much!!!

27 Oct 08

9 Responses to “X-Files: The Poets are out there!”

  1. clhues Says:

    i believe…the only way to spell grey is with an e
    that we poets can recognize each other on
    subway cars, in run-down train stations…
    in libraries that still have the wooden chairs, tables
    i believe
    the smoke from our wood fire
    surrounds me like a keening shawl..
    i believe when i stand at the edge of the circle
    the drums in time with my heart…
    the songs we sing around the drum
    songs without words
    so our children will never forget…

  2. dbarber59 Says:

    That is true! I met a poet waiting in an airport once. She was so excited that someone else was actually studying poetry and writing. It was a wonderful conversation! I enjoyed it!


  3. Mountain tops will listen
    to how blue sky cryes
    Oh how sunshine glisten
    alltime within my eyes
    and goose rest roof top
    soon with mooses moonshine
    women with papoose go
    with juices though at noontime
    so for this that blanket made
    through rivers wade
    for berries layed
    and time will tell
    what God says.

  4. walking in the words
    through the lonely night
    till dawn

  5. Kara Douglas Says:

    Poets of the world unite!


    Now is the time
    Hurry before it’s too late!
    The darkened streets are
    Lit with the glow of the street lights

    Hurry now
    Sin is waiting for you
    The man with the dark eyes
    And the woman with her short skirt

    Business in the city
    Under the cover of night
    Back alleys and bar rooms
    Smoky haze in the air

    While the children wait
    Lonely in their beds
    Mothers try and earn a living
    Working in the trade of flesh

    Peddlers of sin
    Count only their dollars
    As their wallets get filled
    And another child cries in the night

    Kara Douglas

  6. dbarber59 Says:

    Hi Kara, it’s been a long time! Hope you’re doing well! I love your poem. I haven’t had much luck with my last book. It seems that folks don’t read poetry any longer.


  7. Kara Douglas Says:

    I know what you mean. I had walked away for awhile but the poetry has called me back.

    Just keep it up, you have a gift and you have a responsibility to use it.

  8. dbarber59 Says:

    You’re very sweet! Thanks Kara, I’ll keep writing.

  9. nectarfizz Says:

    Haha…we exist. 🙂

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